Talavera Tiles Installation Photos

Looking for innovative ways to install talavera tile?

View our gallery below for many great ideas and samples of Talavera tile installation. See several examples of tile installation and layouts to help you decide how to install your purchase. Explore our gallery for creative ideas and envision what your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any interior or exterior space could look like Twith authentic Mexican tile installed.

If you are planning on installing Talavera tiles or Saltillo tile and need inspiration, take a look at these photos to find out how others installed their purchases. Create the decor you have always dreamed of or add to your current exterior or interior design with a perfect combination of Saltillo and Talavera tile.

If there is any specific Deco tile and/or Solid tile that you want to see in a design, please inquire. We can create the design and post it for you to preview! Click on any image to ENLARGE.


Imported directly from our manufacturing facilities in Mexico and made of Mexican clays, these ceramic tiles will add flare to any indoor or outdoor space. There are many creative ways to use our tiles for various projects including flooring, countertops, showers, stairs, patios, fireplaces, and much more.


We make your next tiling project affordable with our wide selection of hand-crafted Mexican clay and ceramic tiles at the lowest wholesale prices in the tile industry. Our Talavera is available in numerous sizes. You may view the many options in our above Gallery.

Average LEAD TIME for orders is 8-10 weeks.

2×2 $.95/tile     3×3 $1.40/tile     4×4 $1.85/tile     6×6 $3.95/tile     8×8 $5.95/tile     Trim Prices Vary

2X2 $3.55/tile  3×3 $3.95/tile  4×4 $6.50/tile  6×6 $10.50/tile  8×8 $14.50/tile       Trim Prices Vary

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