Saltillo Tile Flooring

Make Every Space Count with Timeless Elegance & Charm

Bring the ambiance of a glamorous vacation into your home with authentic Saltillo tile flooring. Design your own rustic, luxurious spaces to escape from the rest of the world. Create the decor you have always dreamed of, in versatile styles ranging from (but not limited to) Mediterranean to Outdoorsy, from Spanish/Colonial to Southwestern, and from Tuscan to Hacienda. 

Saltillo tile is the uniquely “perfect imperfect tile,” handcrafted from durable clay that only exists in the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila. Also known as Spanish tile or Mexican tile, Saltillo owes its beauty to rustic, quality handmade characteristics such as an occasional dog or chicken print, chips, bumps, hairline cracks, lime pops, color variations, and variations in size and thickness. No two tiles are identical.

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*There is a 200 square foot minimum requirement for all Saltillo tile wholesale orders.


Saltillo Tile Flooring Is Beautiful No Matter Where You Put It

Saltillo Tile in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are great spaces for Saltillo tile. Saltillo floors are extremely durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Our sealed Saltillo tile surfaces are not easily stained with spills, so you can cook and entertain with ease. Choose our authentic Saltillo tile flooring to make any kitchen, remodeled or new, feel luxurious and inviting. 

Saltillo Tile in Your Living Room

Your living room is the heartbeat of your home. Give it more life with Saltillo tile flooring. The natural warmth of Saltillo tile makes a cozy space to relax, watch football, host family gatherings or get lost in conversation with friends. Bring the unique charm and durability of Saltillo tile flooring to the space in your home where life happens.

Saltillo Tile on Your Outdoor Patio

Saltillo tile flooring is perfect for blending nature with home living in outdoor living spaces. Whether you place Saltillo tile flooring on your patio, pool deck or courtyard, its extremely durable surface makes it easy to maintain and easy to clean by sweeping or hosing off. Plus, Saltillo tile ages with more character over time. Choose Saltillo tile to bring your outdoor living theme to life.

Saltillo Tile in Your Bedroom & Bath

Your bedroom and bathroom are your personal sanctuary. Make your bedroom your own personal getaway to dreamland with Saltillo tile flooring at your feet. Give yourself a low maintenance bathroom with durable, easy to clean surfaces of Sealed Saltillo tile flooring in your bathroom. Light a candle and relax soaking in your bathtub that is nestled on top of beautiful Saltillo tile flooring.

Saltillo Tile Comes in Three Fantastic Finishes to Suite Any Space or Style

We offer authentic Saltillo tile flooring in three exquisite finishes: Traditional, Antique, and Manganese. Our finishes work well in commercial and residential spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and blend well with many styles of décor. Each finish offers unique opportunities for your artistic vision to come to life. Add the rustic charm and unique handmade characteristics of Saltillo tile to any space in your home or office. Use Saltillo tiles for projects including flooring, counter tops, showers, stairs, patios, fireplaces, and much more. From Southwestern to Mediterranean, and from Spanish Colonial to Tuscan/Italian, we have a finish in Saltillo tile flooring to fit your style. Choose from a variety of Saltillo shapes and sizes available in any of these finishes. 


(Terra Cotta)


(Terra Cotta & Browns)


(Old-World Style & Textured)


Color Variations

Each of our authentic Saltillo tile finishes produces its own range of natural, warm color variations to be expected in handmade Mexican clay tiles. Saltillo tile colors range from warm hues of Terra Cotta reds, oranges and yellow/golden shades to brown colors in lighter or darker shades, depending on the finish of Saltillo tile flooring you choose and the protective sealant used. All three finishes of the Saltillo clay have lighter, pastel color tones if left unsealed. Sealed Saltillo tiles have darker color tones. 

Colors may also vary depending on each raw tile’s size, heat concentration, placement among other tiles in the kiln-firing process and the protective sealant used (if any). Once installed, the Saltillo tile flooring acquires the unique blend of colors that achieve its authentic, rustic look, color and texture.

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