Mexican Tile Thinset Installation Materials

We offer two types of Mexican tile thinset, cantera stone and cement tile thinset –  that are ideal for use with Saltillo, Encaustic tile, and Terra Cotta Tile.  Our PermaFlex 500 is what most of our customers select for use with their Mexican tile floor but both are very good options for saltillo tile thinset. PermaFlex 300 is ideal for large size tiles or cantera stone.

Features and Benefits Use With Acceptable Substrates

PermaFlex 300
Medium Bed
1 bag is apx 45-50 sf
Economical, one-component, portland cement-based, tile mortar. Used to install over plywood or concrete substrates Interior / Exterior, Longer open time Saltillo / Terra Cotta Tile, Porcelain, Quarry, Pavers, Ceramic tile w/ high water absorption Properly cured concrete, Tile backerboard, B-6000 Waterproof Membrane, Gypsum plaster (dry areas only)

PermaFlex 500$27/bag
1 bag is apx 45-50 sf
Polymer Modified thin set mortar, Sets most types of ceramic and stone, Superior flexibility and bond strength, Excellent adhesion to exterior grade plywood
Improved adhesion, Extended open time
Saltillo / Terra Cotta Tile, Cement Tiles, Porcelain, Marble (except warpable marble), Glass tile, Cement tile, Ceramic tile Countertops, Tile backerboard, Prepared cutback adhesive, Cured concrete, B-6000 Waterproof Membrane, Tile over Tile, Exterior grade plywood (interior), Vinyl Tile

B-6000 Waterproof / Crack Isolation Membrane: $150 per 3.5 gallon pail or $60 for 1 gallon pail.  This is a thin, load-bearing, waterproof membrane and crack isolation system.  We recommend full coverage across new slabs with B-6000 and fabric mesh, along with the PermaFlex 500 thinset for best crack prevention results.

B-6000 Mesh fabric rolls sizes available: 36″x12′ ($15), 6″x60′ ($11), and 36″x60′ ($45).


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