Saltillo Tile Sealer TerraNano

TerraNano Saltillo Tile Sealer is a new self-cross-linking nano-based waterborne copolymer that challenges the most versatile and high-performing coatings on the market. We recommend this for commercial applications and very high traffic areas. This can be used as saltillo sealer, terra cotta sealer, cement tile sealer, concrete sealer, and applied as a travertine or Cantera sealer.Not only is this nano technology but this sealer is also UV stable, has very high abrasion-resistance, outstanding stain resistance, and efflorescense resistance.This saltillo tile sealer stops water damage including damage from saline pool systems and salt. It also blocks stains from auto spills, paint, red wine, sodas and more.

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In application of saltillo tile sealer, if the terracotta floor tile sealer is cleaned properly (no harsh chemicals), this sealer will give an approximate 10-year lifespan. We also recommend our StoneClean 104 Cleaner on surfaces prior to application of TerraNano.

TerraNano can be used indoor or outdoor. This saltillo tile sealer is available in Gloss or Xtra Low Gloss finishes. TerraNano Saltillo sealer can also be colored to add color to your terra cotta, concrete, or stone surfaces. Application is easy and best applied to saltillo tile with a paint pad.

1 Gallon of Terranano Saltillo sealer generously covers approximately 400-450 square feet of saltillo tile. Best application is sprayed or rolled onto a dry and clean surface. Contact us to find out of TerraNano floor sealer is right for your saltillo tile surface.


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