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Terra Cotta Tile 411

A word from one of our thousands of happy customers: Being a full time working mom and having all of the responsibilities of a home and laundry and bills – the last thing I wanted to worry about was the up keep of my terra cotta tile floor. So when my husband introduced me to the terra cotta tile he found in a magazine I was in love, to say the least, but also very concerned because I hadn’t had this type of flooring.  And neither had he… This was also our first home and an investment for resale and because of that – we just could NOT make a wrong choice. We soon learned the truth about terra cotta that eased our minds and our pocket books. However, it wasn’t until after we went filtering through the horror stories and endless reasons why we should not buy it – all from outdated websites  with myths of:  terra cotta tile is a nightmare, it’s hard to seal, it requires too much maintenance and of course, all of the EXTRA products that we’d be forced to buy not just up front but also yearly!! (Stay with me now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with this terra cotta tile escapade!)  We were pretty saddened by the general overview of terra cotta tile we found on the first few places we looked. Keep in mind, we really really loved the look of the floor!! So, we set back our plans a little and did more research and it didn’t take long at all.

So, here’s what we found out about terra cotta tile – it did in fact use to be difficult. Way back when, you were only able to purchase terra cotta tile unsealed and in their raw form, soak them, apply things like grout release and wax, even linseed oil which we’ve seen and it makes the tiles beautiful but it also causes a lot of maintenance. Then we ran across another website that sold Sealed tiles and a top coat sealer, THAT’S IT!!! Equally as pretty and varied as the linseed oil or waxed tile but, NO MAINTENANCE. This site made it seem ridiculously simple. The key was to purchasing the tiles pre-sealed. After installation we simply grout, dry and reseal with something a little more “fancy”. The sealer that was recommended was simply rolled on and then said to last 3-5 years. Well folks, it’s been about 3 ½ years now and our terra cotta tile is still holding strong. They were right, it is simple, easy to clean – I use a steamer and yeah, we’ve scratched it here or there but, part of why we fell in love with it was because those little scratches blend right in and the terra cotta tile still looks amazing.  Thanks to Rustico for not only their great tile floors, sealers, but also the friendly and knowledgeable service that comes along with it!


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