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Mexican tile: buy it online

Mexican tileis a growing popular choice and if you are currently considering it in your home, you may want to also carefully consider adding a bit extra to your order.   So, while you are considering adding Mexican tile to your home, office, study or knocking out the kitchen wall to provide a more open space,

Mexican tiles

Saltillo and Talavera painted tiles

some of you may also be adding a nursery Mexican tile or Spanish tile floor to your budget.

 I often get asked by the expecting mothers if Mexican tile would be okay for a child’s room. And my answer is – absolutely! Spanish tile is well made, sturdy and lasts generations. My little one loves the paw prints too! Also, once fully sealed and top coated the Mexican tile and grout wipes clean and reduces the need for hands and knees scrubbing. Thanks Goodness!! My child is 5, we have a dog and build vehicles in our garage. My Mexican tile has experienced crushed cheerios to crushed grapes, muddy grassy shoes to wet muddy paws, cooking oil to motor oil. My goodness, It has seen bodily fluids from multiple life forms.

 It is amazing, however, as often as I get the durability question from moms I also get the Spanish tile stability question like, “Mexican tile is uneven so, what about my toddler learns to walk? And “will my child trip or stub their toe?” I went through these stages with my child too and I have one of the most awkward patterns as the tiles are actually different thicknesses but, with good instructions as found on our website or through any good installer, the materials lend themselves to unevenness that is apparent but not precarious. The tiles will definitely have the appearance of being handmade but, the handmade qualities of Mexican tile will in no way hinder use like wheelchairs, strollers or those sweet little babies’ first steps. I always encourage moms and dads to get samples and take a look at the installation gallery for example photos of our installed Mexican tile.

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