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Growing up with Spanish Floor Tile

Mexican floor tile as saltillo tileGrowing up, many of us saw Spanish Tile everywhere. We went and never paid much attention to it – unless it belonged to us. We lived it, breathed it and we were accustomed to it in so many ways. It tends to be a very distinct memory for most of my customers and for myself. Most of my customers remember their Grandparents’ homes filled with Spanish tile. They remember sitting on the tile around the Christmas tree and spilling things on the saltillo floor on Thanksgiving. Running through the house chasing the other the kids and most of all, they remember the Spanish tile is still there in the house. To this day they can still see the memories made on the same floor they lived on for years.

In my case, I remember during my childhood how much my father longed for Spanish tile. He remembered Spanish Tile from his childhood and always wanted it in his own home. We were poor, really poor but somehow my dad found unsealed tile and installed it in our house. The pier and beam house he built with his own hands. It was a house that started as a hunting cabin before he had kids. This Spanish tile was his dream and being so poor that we couldn’t afford to seal it my dad installed it over the orange carpet that had been the kitchen floor. (Don’t be like my Dad.) This tile ended up stained with spaghetti sauce, car oil, and who knows what else. Occasionally a tile would pop out of place due to being improperly installed – A) over carpet and B) no hardy backer. In most cases, you’d think this person would be miserable with their floor but, not my dad. He loves this tile and you know what? It is still there to this day!!

As of now, I have Spanish tile in my home and my dad’s old house has about 1400 sf of Spanish tile and counting. The men renting the house he built seem to add to it yearly and my dad just loves it. So, maybe the décor has changed a bit, and they’ve scrubbed and sealed the kitchen but, overall it’s the same house, same floor and I’m sure you can still see where my brother and I had “The Great Spaghetti Fight of ‘97”. Good times.

Spanish Tile tends to be a growing trend again. It seems to be “coming back” however, for those of us who have or had Spanish tile it seems that it never left. We are seeing a different interest in the materials as things change and “new” versions of saltillo tiles are born. It’s not just your same ol’ same ol’ anymore. Even though that “same “ol’ obviously wasn’t a bad choice – even when it was the only one. The tile you once knew now has many, many options to choose from. So, if you’re considering Spanish tile, never hesitate to ask someone who’s had it before what they think about “maintenance” “resealing” and “lifespan” – They’ll be happy to tell you all about their experience.

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