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Cast Stone Fireplace gains popularity

06 Dec, 2012 by Melanie O., in Cantera Stone

A new trend of having a cast stone fireplace is on the rise.  Designers are discovering ways to bring an element of an Old World ambiance to living spaces by using cast stone fireplace designs or comparable materials in ornate custom fireplace designs.  Cantera stone is one such product that is a pure stone to take on the look and even better quality than a cast stone fireplace.

Since cantera rock is a product of millions of years of volcanic lava and ash compounding, the strength of this rock when compared to something like cast stone or cast concete, is immensely different.  These architectural fireplaces carved from cantera can be framed to be strong enough to bear structure.  To save on costs, in many cases, the facing of a cast stone fireplace is lined with this type of limestone.

Any cast stone fireplace usually takes on an ornate design with intricate detail and expressions of artistry.  Using cast stone, this is typically done using the aggregate materials in a mold.  If using stronger and pure cantera stone, artistans found in Mexico hand-carve each piece of stone.  Larger chunks may be machine cut to create shape of a cast stone fireplace but the designs illustrating speckles of color throughout this natural stone is carved into each architectural element.  Cantera is a very strong stone as mentioned above but it’s porous enough to allow for the hand carved fireplace designs.

Different colors of fireplaces exist.  A cast stone fireplace can be dyed or stained while the compound is being created.  Someone who wants a truly unique cast stone fireplace will select one of seventeen colors found in cantera.  This multipurpose stone takes on shades of gray and black, rose and red, beige and brown tones, and creamy white colorations.

Where can these old world style fireplaces be found?  The most popular application of a cast stone fireplace  is in custom built homes.  As cantera stone grows in popularity, the realm of custom carved fireplaces is expanding to restaurants, grand hotel lobbies, and commercial reception areas.  It’s also exciting that the properties of a cast stone fireplace allows for these materials to be used in an outdoor environment.  Of course, where weather takes on freezing precipitation, it’s best to apply an industrial quality sealer to prevent cantera or cast stone from cracking.  Because cantera is pure rock and not made of fragments like cast stone, it is more likely to withstand outdoor freezing weather elements because the rock can absorb humidity and moisture, freeze and withstand freezing.  This allows it to be an excellent source for outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.  Sealers will apply different coloring properties so it’s best to test sealer on the rock prior to full application.  Water-based sealers will color enhance only slightly; whereas, oil-based sealers add much richer color.  Shine is also a factor of sealer and is usually controlled by the number of sealer coats applied to the cast stone fireplace.

A cast stone fireplace has grown in popularity but check out the high quality option of using cantera stone.

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