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Talavera Tiles

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At Rustico Tile and Stone, we offer a wide variety of Talavera Superior and Talavera Excellente, hand painted Mexican ceramic tile, sinks, and accessories. Our product lines have any tile design you can imagine.

Note: There is an approximate 8-10 week lead time for Talavera orders.  Minimum purchase order is $2000 wholesale.  Request prices from us — an example price is 4×4 solids for $1.85/tile. 4×4 Decorative designs are $6.50/tile.  Volume quotes are available.

We are top quality manufacturers in Mexico. Our artists are quite talented and can re-create any tile design you find. You can also be confident that you get best value pricing from Rustico Tile and Stone for your talavera tiles, sinks, and accessories.  There is a minimum purchase requirement for wholesale orders of $2000.

How much will my Mexican Talavera Superior hand painted tile project COST?

What is Talavera?

Mexican Talavera tile roots date back to 15th century Spain. Many of the designs and patterns of this decorative ceramic tile can be traced back to Chinese and Philippine origins while even older variations of this art form date back to 8th century Arab culture. During the middle ages, craftsmen in Italy began experimenting with glazes and as a result many new colors were developed. When the Italians introduced the unison of the Arab, Italian, and Asian motif during the 15th century to Spain the Talavera ceramic was born. In turn, following the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the Spaniards introduced the new ceramic and Mexican artisans adopted it.

What is Talavera Superior and Talavera Excellente?

Talavera Superior is a Talavera tile product created in Mexico. Known as a hand crafted ceramic tile, it is actually a composite of 3 different clays and is burned at much more extreme temperTS 115 Mac Talavera Malibu Mexican Ceramic tileatures than any other Mexican Talavera product. At these extreme temperatures, the mixture of clays chemically reacts to form an extremely high quality clay product that is water resistant and frost resistant.Within the Mexican handcrafted tile line, this is the superb quality tile we recommend for flooring and any outdoor use for Talavera.Talavera Superior tile is thicker and more durable than the typical hand painted tile. The 4×4 standard tile measures 4 ¼ x 4 ¼ inch and is 3/8” thick. Multiple sizes

Talavera Excellente is almost identical in quality to Talavera Superior tiles.  These tiles are also top of the line but at almost half of the cost.  They are available in the same relief texture in decorative designs, in gloss finish tiles, and in matte finishes.  These ceramic painted tiles will have a slightly more rustic appeal with some variations in size and color.  However, these tiles are not considered frost-proof becaues the clay body is more porous.  In the gloss finishes, the Mexican tiles are water-resistant.  Any design you see on this website is also offered in Talavera Excellente upon request.  Color representations will vary slightly from what’s seen online.  This is a beautiful, lower cost alternative to a Talavera Superior but still is a top of the line quality handpainted tile.

Contact us to Request a Quote for your custom order.

We keep most standard Talavera sinks, solid color tiles, and decorative Talavera tiles in stock. Other tiles can be ordered as a special order. Any tile that you want can be created. If you do not see the tile you are looking for on our site, send us a photo of the tile you want and we will send you a price quote.Whether you are looking for hand painted tile murals or decorative tile inserts to decorate a room, our Mexican hand-crafted tile is perfect for your project. We are experts in Mexican Talavera tile and one of the largest suppliers of this high-quality hand painted Mexican tile. On top of supplying high-quality products, we are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding the ordering or installation of tile. We also have ideas for installing Talavera tile in combination with Saltillo in our Installation Gallery.

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Price Policy

We offer very low Talavera tile wholesale prices and there is a $2000 minimum order purchase requirement.  Individual tiles can be ordered from our “samples” inventory. Prices vary based on the design, color, finish, and size.

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Installation Tips

Talavera tiles are handmade and minor size and color variations are inherent in the manufacturing process. Also, slight instances of warpage and crazing are accepted flaws created by antique firing methods and simply add warmth and charm to the finished installation. The following instructions will help ensure a satisfactory installation:

  1. Apply a thin layer of Thinset on the surface to be tiled.
  2. Place a small amount of Thinset in the middle of the back of the tile. This will give the middle portion enough support to prevent the tile from cracking under pressure.
  3. Set the tile in place. Do not use spacers because, as we already mentioned, each tile has a slightly different shape.
  4. Use only sanded grout. Any other kind of grout may crack upon drying. It may be tinted any color. Mix until it acquires the consistency of applesauce. Apply smooth strokes in one direction.
  5. Allow twenty minutes for the grout to set. A “haze” will begin to appear.
  6. Use clean water and a clean sponge to gently wipe away excess grout.
  7. Allow a drying period of 24 hours.
  8. It may be advisable to seal the grout if it is on a countertop or table, but do not put sealer on the tiles themselves. The tiles are already water-resistant and do not need to be sealed.

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