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Saltillo Tile Stone Sealers Floor Cleaners

At Rustico Tile and Stone, we offer what we think is the Perfect Saltillo Tile sealer and Cantera stone sealer!  We also have saltillo tile cleaner, stone cleaner, cleaner for terra cotta, and produce for how to remove efflorescence.

Why do I need to seal my tile?   For those of you who want a protected saltillo tile, we recommend buying our pre-sealed mexican tile and applying a finishing coat of tile sealer after installation. Your foundational clay tile is of impeccable quality and durability, but it MUST be protected in order to keep its pure rustic look for years to come. Otherwise, it will suffer from scratches, fading, alkali, efflorescence, staining, and/or color changes. It’s important to protect the durability and look of your clay floor or stone products.

There are limited Mexican tile sealers on the market today for Saltillo Tile.Most of those sealers only have a life-span of just 1 year.After many requests, we have worked with a team of chemists to find the perfect tile and grout sealer that will require only minimal maintenance and have much longer life-spans. Our tile sealers also come with incredible UV protecting properties and Abrasion and Water-resistance qualities. 

We offer a variety of saltillo tile sealer options which are also good for types of terracotta tile sealer applications and good for cement tile sealer. 

SEALERS AVAILABLE: GREEN Sealer and TERRA NANO Sealer. These can be applied to Saltillo, Terra Cotta, Cantera architectural stone, Mexican Pavers, Cement, Travertine, Granite, Sandstone, Flagstone, Open Terrazzo, Honed Limestone, etc.) Our saltillo tile sealer and terracotta cleaner prices are Wholesale, best-value prices! Contact us for a quote!

CLEANERS AVAILABLE:  StoneClean 104 Cleaner Concentrate Industrial cleaner/degreaser superior to caustic degreasers. In dilution, this cleaner will not injure rugs, woodwork or metal.

EFFLORESCENCE ISSUES:  V-SCRUB cleans and etches a variety of substrates including Saltillo tile, other Mexican tiles, outdoor pavers, Cantera tile, concrete and other masonry applications.  It has industrial strength designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs.  V-SCRUB cleans not only efflorescence, but also stubborn rust, leaf stains, mold, mildew and algae.

To find out which floor sealer is best for you, email us at or give us a call: 512.260.9111! We are very excited to offer the best quality sealer for Saltillo tile on the market!


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