Saltillo Tile Shapes and Sizes

You have choices when it comes to ordering shapes and sizes of Saltillo tile.  Most shapes and sizes can be ordered with the following 3 options:

Regular vs Super Saltillo: Regular saltillo has sharp corners/edges and Super Saltillo has rounded corners/edges.
Sealed vs Unsealed Saltillo: Ordering saltillo tile presealed is less expensive in the long run because it’s already coated with 5 layers of penetrating sealer and comes ready to install.  If the tile needs to be stained to be a different color, then order Unsealed Saltillo.
Traditional vs Manganese vs Antique Finishes:  Check out the color schemes below.  All Saltillo tile shapes and sizes are available in any of these finishes.

Available Saltillo Tile Finishes: (Sealed or Unsealed)

Traditional Saltillo TileTraditional Sealed Saltillo
Manganese Saltillo TileManganese Sealed Saltillo
antique saltillo tileAntique Sealed Saltillo

Available Shapes and Sizes:

super saltillo tileSuper Saltillo: Square
regular saltillo tileRegular Saltillo: Square
herringbone tileSuper Saltillo: Rectangle
Rectangle_regular_saltillo_tileRegular Saltillo: Rectangle
Riviera_saltillo_tileRiviera Pattern
san felipe saltillo tileSan Felipe Tile
fleur de lis terra cotta tileFleur de Lis Tile
hexagon mexican tileSuper Saltillo: Hexagon
hexagon saltillo tileRegular Saltillo: Hexagon
octagon saltillo tileSuper Saltillo: Octagon
octagon regular saltillo tileRegular Saltillo: Octagon
picket tile patternArrow/Picket Pattern
Bullnose Saltillo TileBullnose Baseboard
Stair Coping Saltillo Tile Stair Coping Saltillo
mexican paversSaltillo Pavers







Need more help identifying the right saltillo tile pattern for your project?  Give one of our Saltillo Tile specialists a call for help (512) 260-9111.  Contact us for a price and shipping quote.  Check out these FREE pdf downloads for TILE DESIGNS.

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