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Saltillo Tile Shapes and Sizes

Saltillo tile photos below illustrate the sizes and shapes available. You can request any size or shape in Traditional terra cotta tile, Manganese Saltillo, or Antique Saltillo tiles.  Popular selections include Super Sealed, Hexagon Saltillo, Riviera pattern, San Felipe saltillo, or unsealed saltillo tiles. These can be used as outdoor pavers as well.  Request a Price Quote online today for your project!

We will BEAT any price in the unlikely event you find a better rate for Authentic Saltillo Tile!

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge a photo and SCROLL to bottom of page to view more pages of photos. Each of these tiles will come in the color variations naturally found in Saltillo Tile.  Traditional Saltillo colors range from light pink, peach, yellow/golds, and dark orange/red.

MANGANESE Saltillo is also available in any tile selection.  Manganese mexican tile is a brown Saltillo that varies in color from light shades to dark shades of brown.  See our installation Gallery for examples. Search our gallery below for Saltillo tile pictures. We have numerous Saltillo pictures to help you find exactly what you need.  ANTIQUE Saltillo is designed to look like a reclaimed clay tile and has added texture. It can be referred to as an old world tile.

Looking for specific Tiles Designs, Floor layouts, or Tile Patterns? Check out these FREE pdf downloads for TILE DESIGNS.

Saltillo comes in various shapes and sizes and we offer many variations. Photos of hexagon Saltillo tile, octagon Saltillo, San Felipe Saltillo tile, square Saltillo, Saltillo murals, Saltillo mosaics, and more allow you to see the tiles that we carry. With the largest selection of authentic Saltillo tile, we have the perfect tile for your decor.

Our genuine Saltillo tile comes directly from Mexico and we oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the lowest wholesale prices. Because these tiles are authentic, no two are identical in size, shape or color.  All tiles measure smaller than their stated dimension due to water evaporation in the baking/firing process. This is normal and not considered a defect.   Tiles are sold based on mold size.  Authentic saltillo does not lay flat. You can expect tiles to have a bowed shape.  You can rest assured that once installed, the tiles will look great.

You can see some examples of completed projects in our Installation Gallery. Explore the pictures of Saltillo tile above to find the perfect tile for your next project. You will see standard sizes from our stock in the photos, but you can always custom order larger sizes if that is what you need.If you have any questions about what you see below, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff.

How much will my Saltillo Tile project cost? See also TILE SEALERS.

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