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Spice Up Your Casa – 4 Interior Design Tips

28 Jul, 2015 by TileWholeSaler, in Interior Design, Saltillo Tile

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, there are practical ways to create the cultural aspects of a Spanish style interior.  Luckily for Americans, we can pull from Spanish style decor to also create flair in Southwestern, Mediterranean, and Tuscan style homes.  Incorporate these design ideas to your interior design planning to spice up your casa, cabin, or cottage!

spanish style decor

Cantera hood, Talavera tiled wall, and Antique Saltillo Flooring

1.  Architectural Elements. From terra cotta tile flooring, hand-carved cantera corbels, to a decorative cement tile back splash, craftsmanship style is created through architectural elements.  And don’t discredit the power of wall color and finishes.  Venetian plaster on walls will tie together these elements to create a cozy and welcoming space.

2.  Talavera Tiles and Color. For Mexican-inspired interior design, opt for bright, vibrant shades of painted Talavera tiles.  Solid color tiles and decorative designs create a patterned space or a mural of artwork.  Use talavera to create a focal point out of a grand staircase with colorful stair risers.

Talavera Tile Stair Risers

Talavera Tiles for Stair Risers with Saltillo Tile Flooring

 3.  Light fixtures – the jewelry of homes. Whether its rugged iron or glitzy glass chandeliers, light fixtures are no longer just sources of light.  Add glamor to a rustic-style master bathroom by decorating with an iron chandelier embellished with glass jewels.  Bring romance a bedroom with the soft light emitting from copper wall sconces. Ooo la la!

4.  Metallic Details. A growing trend in Spanish style homes is the use of metallic accessories.  Copper sinks and tiled back splashes warm up a kitchen.  Consider mixing a stainless steel refrigerator and cabinet knobs to bring a contemporary flair to an otherwise old-world ambiance.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals.

Manganese Saltillo Flooring

Manganese Hexagon Saltillo Flooring

Use these ideas – make them your own and Spice Up Your Casa!

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5 Tips for Picking the best Saltillo Tile Size and Shape

21 Jul, 2015 by TileWholeSaler, in Uncategorized
Picking the best saltillo tile shape and size for your project space can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!  We see dozens of floors on a daily basis.  Our saltillo floor specialists are eager and happy to advise you about your saltillo flooring choices.  We work with you to find the best fit for your project space and budget.  After all, Saltillo tile is a quality product that will last many years.  We want you to enjoy how Saltillo tile turns a house into a home!

5 Tips for Picking the best Saltillo Tile Size and Shape for Your Space

1.  Assess Your Space.  Do you have a large expanse of floor or is it chopped up into small sections?  How large or small is your space? Generally speaking, large size saltillo tiles (16×16 or larger) look better in large spaces.  Small size saltillo tiles (12×12 or smaller) look better in small spaces.  In wide open areas like living rooms, stick with large size tiles for a nice visual of a beautiful floor.  In irregular shaped or chopped up spaces like kitchens with cabinets and islands, you may like a 12×12 or 8×8 Saltillo tile in order to preserve the look of whole tiles.mexican-tile

2.  $$ Budget $$.  At Rustico Tile and Stone, our 12×12 Saltillo tile is the best value per square foot.  Your saltillo tile size selection may be determined by your budget.  Luckily, we offer a wide variety of saltillo tile shapes and sizes that fall within $0.20 – $0.60 per square foot compared to the 12×12 saltillo tile.  Talk to our flooring specialists about your budget needs vs. your desired tile shape/size.  We’re very good at finding something that will work within your budget and look lovely in your home.

3.  Minimize Waste.  It’s true – any tile project will have waste.  Our rule of thumb is to allow for 15% overage to cover waste, cuts, and borders for your floor space.  (Irregular shaped spaces will need more overage for more cuts.)  Waste should be minimal if your installer is proficient at cuts.  Small sized tiles will have less waste in cuts than larg tiles.  By keeping waste to a minimum, your budget is protected.  However, it’s important to have this conversation with your installer so that he or she will cut efficiently.  Additionally, if you select a large size saltillo tile for a small space, expect to see less “whole” tiles across the floor since many will be cut to fit the flooring area.

4.  Check out your ceiling height.  Similar to assessing your space, tall ceilings command large saltillo tiles.  We like 16×16 inch saltillo tiles in those large rooms with tall ceilings.  Go big or go home!

hexagon manganese saltillo5.  Make a Saltillo Flooring Statement.  Do you want your floor to make a statement or simply be a floor that blends into the ambiance of a home?  Statement floors are made out of decorative shaped saltillo tiles.  Rustico Tile and Stone has some beautiful saltillo tile shapes that are budget-friendly, minimal on waste, and easy to install.  For an arabesque sophisticated look, check out the San Felipe saltillo tile.  To keep your budget happy and play up a floor with some decor, consider a Hexagon or Octagon pattern.  Another popular option that uses a simple tile to create a statement is the 6×12 rectangular saltillo tile.  This beauty creates a stunning brick-lay or herringbone saltillo tile floor.  Check out other Saltillo Tile Patterns to consider.

Still unsure about what to pick for your floor?  Call us today (512-260-9111 or email info@rusticots.com).  We are here to help you, educate you, work with your budget and create a floor space that you’ll love!  We’ve spent years looking at floors, working with designers, and solving space and budget issues.  Make Every Space Count!

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New Rustico Tile Designs

17 Jul, 2015 by TileWholeSaler, in Saltillo Tile

Check out some of our new Saltillo Rustico Tile Designs!  Square, Rectangle, Hexagon, Octagon, Deco Shapes and more!mexican pavers

Need something specific for your floor?  We also create custom sizes and shapes for 500 square feet or more.  Tell us how we can help you get exactly what you want for your floor space!

Saltillo pavers are growing in popularity.  At 2″ thick, these are ideal for outdoor locations and can be installed on gravel/sand.  It’s a cost-savings to eliminate the need for slab in outdoor living spaces.  Consult with us if your climate is ideal for Saltillo pavers.

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Good Tile Installer

5 Ways to Know you have a Good Floor Installer!

We’ve all heard it before – the horror stories of a floor tile project mid-stream coming to an abrupt halt – left sadly unfinished – because the tile installer hired to do the work has disappeared – with money in hand!  So, your budget has been spent and the floor is a wreck!  Believe it or not, it’s stories like these that prevent people from undergoing home renovations… they fear the horror stories of renovations gone wrong.  We can give you 5 solid tips for knowing if you’re hiring a good flooring tile installer (or just a good contractor in general).  With the right people doing the job, any renovation should be a smooth process that produces beautiful results!rustico tile

Tip #1: References!  Does the person that you’re considering hiring have references?  This is really important because in many scenarios, the hired contractor will be in and out of your home – quite possibly at times when you’re not there (because some of us have to work during the day instead of beautifying our homes!).  Don’t be afraid to ask for references.  And when you get them, call them!  Ask questions that will give you the full story about the person you’re considering.  It’s really important.  It’s okay to ask for references that can speak about having a negative experience too.  Those are the people that can tell you how the tile installer or contractor treated any mishaps and sought (hopefully!) resolution.

Tip #2: Pictures!  Ask to see photos of jobs that he or she has completed.  This will give you an idea of what kind of work the contractor or tile installer does.  Pay attention to the surrounding environment in the photos.  Is there a lot of debris and trash that is unnecessary?  That could be an indicator of sloppy work.  And, those references in tip #1 that you called?? à Ask those people for pictures of the handiwork done.

cement tilesTip #3:  Materials!  Does your installer have a good knowledge of the installation materials that will be used?  For example, if installing floor tile, what is the thinset that is going to be used?  There are a variety of types of tile thinset, underlayments, tile sealer, membranes, grout, etc.  It’s worthwhile asking your contractor what materials will be used, and to explain quality differences.  If the tile installer can’t explain his choices of materials, keep shopping.  It doesn’t do any good buy great flooring if it’s not installed with quality materials.

Tip #4:  Payments!  How does your tile installer want to be paid?  Is it cash up front? Keep shopping!  That type of arrangement almost always leads to horror stories.  Most reputable installers will have some schedule of payments (i.e. Deposit up front and a couple of payments upon reaching certain points in the installation). It’s reasonable to withhold a final small portion of payment to be completed after the job is finished to your satisfaction (and in compliance with any contract signed).

rustico tileTip #5:  Clean up!  Going back to tip #1 about references (see… I told you it’s important!), ask about how clean the tile installer was during and after the job?  A good installer is someone who is organized, efficient and cleanly.  Any completed job is not complete until the installer’s trash and debris or waste has been hauled off (unless otherwise specified in a contract).  To take it a step further, we value tile installers who don’t leave personal trash from snacks or lunches behind.  And if they do, it should be in a trashcan, not just casually discarded.  Manners are okay!

There is so much more that goes into finding the right contractors and tile installers for jobs – especially tile floor installations.  It’s backbreaking work and worth every penny charged by a quality tile installer.  If you just don’t get a good vibe, then keep shopping!  

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