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Sink and Farmhouse Bowl

Copper Kitchen Sinks and Farmhouse Single,  Double Copper Bowls, and Triple Copper Bowls

Three styles of farmhouse sinks are available at Rustico Tile and Stone for wholesale costs and available in any of our patina finishes.  The styles include: Double Bowls, Single Bowls and Triple Bowls.  Get an online Price Quote now.

Scroll down to view all three styles.  All of Rustico Tile and Stone’s Copper Kitchen sinks are 100% pure copper and will not leak.  These are carefully handcrafted using a TIG welder and pure copper rod and there are triple support tabs on the apron, including side tabs.



LARGE: 35×22

SMALL: 25x22x9
MED: 30x22x9
STD: 33x22x9
LARGE: 36x22x9
TRIPLE BOWL SIZE42×25 Exterior
cfdwfl brown Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFDW-FL

Double Bowl Brown Patina

cfsdw dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-DW

Dark Patina Kitchen Sink

cfsdwbr orange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS DW-BR

Copper Double Sink in Orange

cfsstr orange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-STR

Double Bowl Orange Patina

cksdbfl brown Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS DB-FL

Brown Patina Flower Sink

cksdbgr orange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS DB-GR

Grape/wine Sink in Orange

cksdw dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS-DW

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

cfs6040 brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS 60/40 Style

Brown Light Patina Copper

cfs6040gr orange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-GR 60/40 Style

Wine Deco Copper in Orange

cfs6040sgr brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-SGR 60/40 Style

Rustic style kitchen sink

cfsdwrs brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS DW-RS 60/40 Style

Lonestar deco copper sink

cks6040 dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS 60/40 Style

Double bowl sink in Dark Patina

csf6040fl brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-FL 60/40 Style

Floral Copper Bowls

cfs7525 dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS 75/25 Style

Hand-hammered in Dark Patina

cfs7525bi red Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-BI 75/25 Style

Dove Deco Decorative Copper

cfaw brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCF-AW

Single Farmhouse Sink

cfbr brdark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCF-BR

Rustic Farmhouse Sink

cfs orange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS

Shown in Orange Patina

cfsf brownorange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-SF

Rectangular Copper Sink

cfsfl darklight Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-FL

Rustic Floral design

cfsg brdk Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-G

Rustic copper single bowl

cfsgr orange Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-GR

Copper rectangular sink

cfsra dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-RA

Rustic Copper with Apron Sink

cfssb red Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-SB

Braided Design in Copper

cfst brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCFS-ST

Brown Light Patina Star

cksfl dk Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS-FL

Rustic Style Sink in Dark

cks brlt Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS

Primitive Sink in Brown Light

cfwt dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCF-WT

Rustic sink with Handle

cftw dark Sink and Farmhouse BowlCF-TW

Triple Bowl Copper Sink

ckstw brown Sink and Farmhouse BowlCKS-TW

Triple Bowl Copper Sink


Hand-hammered copper sinks in the farmhouse sink style make a perfect addition to any rustic decor!  Contact Rustico Tile and Stone for any custom hammered copper sink quotes.

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