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Cement Tile Sealer

Cement Tile sealer is a vitally important part of any installation involving cement tiles.

Without cement tile sealer, the tiles can discolor from grout application, absorb dirt and debris, and stain with spills or chemicals.  Seal and protect cement tiles with an appropriate and long-lasting cement tile sealer.

sealer for cement tile

HydraGUARD Cement Tile Sealer & Enhancer

HydraGUARD is revolutionizing how easy it is to seal cement tile, seal grout and clean decorative tiles. This sealer for cement tile is an easy-to-apply solution for preventing grout stain and for protecting the beautiful cement tile mineral colors. Contact us for an estimated quantity of cement tile sealer ideal for your project space. 

HydraGUARD cement tile sealer seals and protects cement tiles, encaustic tile, varieties of Mexican tile, Moroccan tiles, Cantera stone and other porous substrates against stains and chemicals.  Enjoy long-lasting protection for up to 3 years.

Simple Installation
Apply, Wipe, Done. Application is easy with a paint pad or roller.  Excess cement tile sealer will bead on top of cement tile once a sufficient amount is absorbed into the cement. Wipe it away.  Buff, if desired, for minor sheen.

Saves time and money
This cement tile sealer has only a 10 minute cure time.  There is virtually no waiting to install grout. (Most silicone sealers take more than 2 hours to dry plus added cure time.)

HydraGUARD cement tile sealer prevents grout colors from leeching into and staining the tile.  It also provides Grout Release technology which reduces grout clean-up time.  This sealer for cement tile has an easy water cleanup with all grout including pre-mixed & epoxy.  HydraGUARD cement tile sealer will not flash cure pre-mixed grouts.  It’s also good for use in indoor and exterior applications.

Value Prices
A Quart of HydraGUARD is $69 and will cover approximately 500 square feet of cement tile. ($0.14 per sf)
A Gallon of HydraGUARD is $179 and will cover approximately 2000 square feet of cement tile. ($0.08 per sf)

HydraGUARD as sealer for cement tile meets public health and safety standards as determined by NSF International. This is the ONLY Cement Tile Sealer with this certification!  The sealer for cement tile is water-based with a neutral pH and low VOC.  Thus, our cement tile sealer is ideal for use in sanitary areas where food is prepared.

sealer for cement tile

Color Enhancing Properties
Note the slight color-enhancing properties of cement tile sealer as shown in this photo.  Cement tiles take on added beauty with the rich deepening of colors brought out by HydraGUARD sealer for cement tile. 

Contact us to order your HydraGUARD cement tile sealer.


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