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Installation Guide and Maintenance

The process for how to install terracotta tile and how to install saltillo tile is a user-friendly project for people  who are equipped with the right game plan.

Follow our simple guides for easy instructions to install terracotta tile.  We also provide recommendations for: floor crack isolation and water proofing membrane, mexican tile thinset options, grout, and saltillo tile sealer – all ideal for Mexican tiles by Rustico Tile and Stone.  It is our goal that homeowners enjoy their terra cotta tile floors.  When you’ve purchased your tile and material from us, we’re happy to spend time on the phone or via email with installers to make certain that your saltillo project is done correctly and beautifully!  Visit our Mexican Tile Blog for more discussions.

Installation Guides for Saltillo and Terra Cotta floors:

Installation Materials Recommended

  • Thin sets: We recommend PermaFlex thinsets.  Read more to find out which saltillo thin set is right for your project.
  • Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane:  B-6000 is used to treat isolated cracks, prevent hairline cracks in tile over new slabs, and for waterproofing treatment.
  • Grout: Grout choice and color can transform your saltillo tile floors.  Most commonly used is sanded grout in the color of your choice or Quikrete Mortar Mix found at a local home improvement store.

Top Coat Sealers

Most of our clients purchase presealed saltillo Mexican tile.  It comes ready to install but still needs a protective topcoat sealer.  We have a couple of Saltillo tile sealer options from which to select. This final coat of sealer is the secret to reducing maintenance of your terracotta tile for years to come.

Other Commonly Asked Questions, such as those listed below and more, can be found on our Care and Maintenance page:

  • How do I Repair my saltillo floor?
  • What is a good Thin Set for setting Mexican tile?
  • How can I prevent Cracks down the road?
  • How can I match an existing tile?
  • How do I care for efflorescence on my terracotta tile?
  • How do I clean my terra cotta tile floor?

Looking for specific Tiles Designs, Floor layouts, or Tile Patterns? Check out these FREE pdf downloads for TILE DESIGNS.

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